About Us

INTERNATIONAL YACHTS is a maritime brokerage and sales company for yachts and pleasure boats founded by Alessandro D’Este, together with a team of professionals boasting many years of diversified experience in the nautical sector.

The company’s aim is to assist clients and enthusiasts around the world in their searching and purchasing or selling activities, providing a complete, accurate and professional service with solutions that are tailored to every requirement.

Thanks to the discretion, transparency and objectivity of its work, INTERNATIONAL YACHTS has been able to establish reliable and lasting relationships with its clients over the years, quickly becoming the first port of call when they wish to buy or sell their boat or yacht or need any other related services.

INTERNATIONAL YACHTS maintains and values daily relationships with the best-known European yachting companies, thus enabling its clients to have a much more complete picture when buying or selling their yacht or pleasure boat.

Our Company, based in the Republic of San Marino and in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, operates throughout Europe on a daily basis. We provide our European clients in France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and Portugal with a wide selection and variety of yachts and pleasure boats through our team, who operate across most of the Mediterranean coastlines on a daily basis.

The process of buying and selling a boat, along with dealing with all the accompanying paperwork, can be (and often is) complex, time-consuming and too demanding for clients, especially when dealing internationally.

INTERNATIONAL YACHTS‘ goal is to make every stage of buying and selling as easy as possible, from the initial search to the actual sale and from transport to registration.

We share our clients’ passion, values and ideas in a constant, frank and friendly dialogue. We work alongside them to understand their wishes and help to fulfil them, guaranteeing quality, safety and savings and ensuring that they are kept abreast of all the operations that are about to be undertaken, as well as the associated costs and timeframes.